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what is cryptocurrency ICO the base of cryptocurrency

We are now at the peak stage of modern world technology due to the high demand of money movement from one place to another and high trade volume on globe, the great minds was thinking about this high demanding conditions that also need of fast and safe transitions they lunch the digital currency and in very short time we can see the changing in the crypto market from starting till now. Because with day by day the ratio of fast trading is increasing according to the population rate. So today we will talk about some these kind of important issues and its best possible answer and I will also tell you about the ICO List and its importance so lets begin:-

Here is some main points about ico the base of cryptocurreny

  • What is cryptocurrency & its History
  • What is ICO & ICO LIST?
  • How you can find the ICO List?
  • The future of crpto?
  • Risk factor in crypto


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or crypto currency is basically a digital asset that is designed for working as medium of exchange which uses strong cryptograph to secure the transactions and also it is use for creation of extra units and verify the transactions. The one big and most important in crypto is its use decentralized control as it is opposite side of centralized digital currency and basic banking system too. So we can say that at present day its very complicated but safe and secure system of modern money in the shape of crypto. the first crypto currency was bitcoin that was lunch as open software In  2009. Due the first digital currency it is also famous about bitcoin that it’s the first decentralized cryptocurrency. From that date it is approximately 4200+ crypto currencies have been created till now.

There are  top 10 crypto currencies that is at top of the list.

  • EOS
  • IOTA
  • NEO

In each new crypto currency basically mostly are based on some one else like there is some currencies that is BTC based and some of the crypto currencies are based on ETH so the main thing is there value that is determined by ICO, WHITE PAGE AND ITS ROADMAP.


What is ICO & ICO LIST?

ICO stands for initial coin offering or initial currency offering. It is a type of funding using curpto currencies and mostly the process of funding is done by crowd funding. Now a days private ICOs are becoming more common in the market of crypto. if we go in details in the ICO a fixed amount of crypto currency is sold in the shape of tokens or coins to investors and its promoter so in the exchange for crypto currency like BTC or ETHER. So finally the sold tokens are promoted as future currency unites like normal money that have a real value in local and international markets. After this phase when the ICO found that the given currency is meeting their goals that was fixed for lunching, so again we can say the ICO is a way of making good capital for starting a business or company.

White paper and Roadmap

While in the process of ICO any currency can fall down or rise up to the owners plans and the ratio of selling their tokens in the market before lunches. When someone or you think to make your own currency like any country’s currency you have to make a plan that’s called whites paper so in the white papers you need to mark the points where you have work for future plans and you need to tell the audience that here we go from bottom to top.


How you can find the ICO list?

In order to find the list of ICOs there so many websites on internet for example icotoplist it is a dot com extension website that is offering us ICO top lists means on this site we can find the top listed ICO for our coin lunching or basically it is for the investors so they can go and easily check the main things that have been listed on site for checking the value of any crypto currency’s plans and their future golas.  ICO List is one of the most useful thing to go in this digital words where small numbers have great values to do trading or investing in ICO.

So guys if you’re looking for new ICOs for investing money you need to know about their reviews, rating and other use full information  like…

  1. ICO List
  2. STO List
  3. Crypto Bag
  4. ICO Listing sites
  5. Crypto Articles
  6. Submit ICO
  7. ICO Whitepapers
  8. Air Drops
  9. Bounties
  10. ICO Helper
  11. ICO news
  12. Crypto Events
  13. Crypto youtubers

And much more things that you need to know and check before going  to investment the crypto currency or making you own ICOs for both it is very necessary to know if you want to know all go above mentioned link.



The  future of cryptocurrency?

If we observe around the globe than we will see the value of digital currency because of modern technology the world is becoming close and everyone want to easy and secure way to trade on globe.

This month in a meeting founder of micro soft said;


So we can say that the man that invent the Microsoft is talking about the digital currency so its means there is something that have value because there is nothing like today’s modern windows and updated software the man named bill gates when he invent such a great thing so now after passing around 40 years. Now he is saying this so need also need to think about it. If we want to grow like we need to grow for survive in the digital world whereas the that have too much time required before now we are availing such thing on our door step by paying a bit amount only.


Risk factor in crypto currency: The last but not least thing in the overall crypto digital world is risk factor. We need to know about this too because as we think and listen many times from different peoples that this coin is good or this coins ICO  if wonderful , its going  well blaa blaa here is the point to think about your income and your expenses that you have for your foot living and billing means we can say if anyone want to invest In the crypto currency hs need to be very carefully thinks before it.

  • In other words you can say we need to know that the possible loss that maybe occure in the process of growing any digital currency. So as we think about the profit we also need to think about the loss too. I have a good idea about this may you too, it is that we should invest the risk free amount the crypto currency. The amount that enough from our regular needs.









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